“still pinching myself”

“still pinching myself”

…in a good way!

Did you ever take a picture of, let’s say, The Grand Canyon? Or maybe the red clay of Sedona? A city skyline? Something that stirred your soul? And when you look at it, well, it just didn’t capture the depth, the texture, the goosebumps on the back of your neck, the feeling in your toes?
That’s Rythmia.
I can tell you that I landed there a pretty happy person. After all, I was on vacation in Costa Rica, escaping the trials and tribulations of a North Eastern winter.
I can tell you that I set out to participate in all it had to offer; the speakers, the healing modalities, from breath work to yoga twice a day, cleansing and massages.
I can also tell you that I didn’t expect a miracle. Not at first. I expected to relax and learn a lot.
But from the beginning of the process, just calling to book it with Dina, something started percolating. Her enthusiasm was contagious. Sharing her own experience there on vacation was comforting, as I’d never spent this much on anything for myself.
As I opened each email filled with information about what was to come, helpful tips, reminders, and even a video on how to pack not a suitcase, but your intentions.
Well, I started to daydream…
This experience exceeded my wildest dreams, day or night. Everyone and thing about it. From the dog who seemed to know when anyone was down, to the staff whose faces must hurt from smiling so very much, the sanctity of the plant ceremonies, to Gerry and Jeff who found this sanctuary. That they were there, checking in. And full of Pura Vida. I could honestly go on and name names and special moments with everyone I met that worked there. I’m assuming you get the idea.
I feel like I should tell you my miracle, but I’ve gone on long enough here. If you want to know ask. I’d be thrilled to share. It was something I’d never have dared to ask for, that’s how awesome it is. And everyone and thing during my time at Rythmia helped reveal it to me.
I know I’ve spent more on less…
You’re worth it.
Stayed January 2017, traveled solo

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Rythmia Life Advancement Center is a full-service, short-stay, licensed medical center, specializing in plant-based alternative therapies.