“Rythmia radiates love, light and warmth and will change your very soul (in an amazing way).”

“Rythmia radiates love, light and warmth and will change your very soul (in an amazing way).”

Kyle Cease brought me to Rythmia, and Rythmia has taken up home in my soul in the most unexpected, most beautiful way. The sweetness and kindness of the retreat attendees, speakers and staff was palpable and transformative. Rythmia seems to have it’s own beating heart that affects the very core of the people who have the privilege of spending time there.

I have never felt so unconditionally supported, emotionally, mentally and physically, than I did in the week I spent at Rythmia. The space that Gerry and his team have created is safe, honest and overflowing with love. I still feel that love even now that I have returned home.

I truly feel that I have experienced a miracle in the week I spent there, and the changes both large and small appear to be rippling throughout every aspect of my life. I feel centered and that I know who I am at a much deeper level than I had before. I feel that I own my femininity for the first time. I feel a gentleness towards myself and a desire to take care of my mind, body and soul the way you would take care of a loved child. There is a truthfulness, a stillness and an openness. I feel like I’m no longer living only in my mind, but have taken up a permanent residence in my heart. I’m not consumed with worry about what others are thinking. I feel a healing in my relationship with my mother. I was able to disconnect from trying to control my parent’s happiness. All of a sudden, after feeling apathetic and stunted about my ability to cook for literally my entire life, I felt inspired and excited to start making healthy food at home, and have already made a couple new, super healthy meals and treats since returning home in the last two days, and fully intend to keep it as a full-on lifestyle change. It’s hard to emphasize enough how huge these changes truly are.

Upon returning home, I found out that not only had I gone through a major life-changing experience, but that my boyfriend of four years had a similar experience, even though he wasn’t in attendance and had been extremely negative and skeptical about my trip to Rythmia. I cannot even begin to describe the 180-degree switch of his priorities, intentions and lifestyle in my absence, but it is absolutely is a miracle. He had been full on ready to wage a war with me when he picked me up from the airport, but something changed the more we spoke and the more I shared my experience and the positive changes that had occurred. He can feel the difference in me and I in him, and it has quite literally saved our relationship. He is excited to come with me to Rythmia next time.

I feel overwhelming gratitude for Gerry and for what he has created. My life is a thousand times better, and I feel that it is just the beginning. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Stayed March 2017, traveled solo

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