The revolutionary science of epigenetics reveals that environment and our perceptions control our genetic expression, health, and behavior. Vitality is not shaped by heredity but is controlled by our life experiences. Personally, I found my visit to the Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica to be a most positive and effective environment to heal body, mind and spirit.

Life’s stresses immediately melt away the moment you immerse yourself in Rythmia’s beautiful and tranquil garden-like environment. The center’s luxurious accommodations, designed for comfort, generously fulfill one’s sense of wellbeing. An amazing variety of massage and spa treatments, as well as personalized medical programs administered by in-house physicians and nurses, vitalize your body and offer much needed relaxation for the busy mind. The on-site consciousness expanding courses provided by world-class teachers are a gift that empowers the spirit. Being an avowed foodie, I was more than delighted by the quality of Rythmia’s natural, organic menu of tasty nourishing meals.

My time at Rythmia will be remembered as a most pleasurable healing experience, in large part due to the conscientious staff that joyfully bent over backwards to assure that my needs and wishes were fulfilled.

If you are seeking health and harmony in this troubled world, I unhesitatingly recommend a stay at Rythmia, a life-affirming destination. Lastly, special thanks to Gerry Powell, Rythmia’s visionary owner, for providing a peaceful, life-enhancing respite from today’s crazy, hectic world.

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.
Santa Cruz, California

Stayed December 2016, traveled as a couple

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Rythmia Life Advancement Center is a full-service, short-stay, licensed medical center, specializing in plant-based alternative therapies.