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30apr1:00 pm3:00 pmMicheline NaderFind Happiness and Unlock the Keys to Success: Transform Your Life in 5 Easy Steps Through CONSCIOUS AWARENESS1:00 pm - 3:00 pm CST



Find self-awareness and grow happier with wellness and healthcare expert, Micheline Nader, best-selling author of The Dolphin’s Dance: Discover Your True Self through a Powerful 5-Step Journey into Conscious Awareness.

No matter what obstacles you’re facing – you are not alone. Whether you are going through a major life transition, feeling stuck, experiencing loss, illness, or simply unfulfilled, there is a way to find joy, peace and happiness in your life.

Many of us get triggered not by what happens in the present moment, but what we believe is happening based on our past experiences. What we leave buried in our subconscious travels with us and affects our health, relationships and ability to lead healthy, happy lives. This is why the process of self-discovery is so powerful in creating a fulfilling life. By exploring the past, and more specifically, those painful events from our early years, we begin to open a window to true healing and develop a deeper understanding of who we truly are and why we are here.

Micheline devoted her life to the process of self-discovery because she believes to know yourself is the greatest gift we can offer. When we heal ourselves, we heal others. Her workshop offers a step-by-step guide for reconnecting with your true self, breaking free of limiting thoughts and patterns, living more consciously today for a better tomorrow and resulting in a more positive change in life.

In this workshop, you’ll learn to free yourself from imprints of the past, identify and change destructive patterns and regain your inner potential for joy, creativity, self-expression and fulfillment.

Micheline will guide you through her transformative five-step process that follows the acronym D.A.N.C.E.:

1. Discover Your Emotions
2. Awaken to Your Beliefs
3. Name Your Patterns
4. Cancel Your Polarities
5. Embrace Your True Self

Through guided exercises and meditations, you will discover your EMOTIONAL LOGO”, the origin of the negative emotions you’ve built over a lifetime. You will awaken to your BELIEF MATRIX,” the set of beliefs that have formed the core of who you think you are. You will name your LIMITING PATTERNS,” the unconscious patterns of behavior that keep you from evolving from reactions to responses. You will cancel your VERDICT,” the negative opinion about yourself that you keep deeply hidden. You will HEAL and FORGIVE your past and present wounds to celebrate your true self.

As a result, you will uncover parts of yourself that have felt out of reach or lost. You will learn how to embrace every part of you, even those shadow parts you hide from yourself and others. You’ll let go of any limiting thoughts or behaviors that keep you stuck. You’ll discover and turn your passion into purpose by tuning into who you really are – your true self.

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  • Micheline Nader

    Micheline Nader

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