Covid-19 Protocol

Rythmia’s Covid-19 Protocols: Safety First, Miracles Unceasingly

The physical and spiritual wellbeing of our guests is our highest mission.


Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who have been affected by Covid-19 and the heroes who continue to work on the frontlines.


We have implemented the following steps to ensure a safer stay and a high miracle rate for all of our guests!


  • All Rythmia Staff are monitored 3 times daily with temperature checks and evaluations. In addition, we have an active nurse on staff dedicated to monitoring employee temperatures and wellness. If any staff exhibits symptoms, they are removed from property and are given a rapid Covid-19 test. If they test positive, they will have an additional PCR test and follow Costa Rican Ministry of Health protocols.
  • All guest will be given a rapid antigen saliva test (95% accuracy) at check in. Additional Antigen tests are available throughout your stay and at the discretion of our medical doctors if any guest experiences symptoms
  • All guests will undergo temperature checks at the Liberia airport prior to boarding the Rythmia shuttle. If your temperature registers below 99.3°F (4°C) you will be permitted to board the shuttle. If your temperature registers between 99.4°F – 100.2°F (37.5°C – 37.9°C) you will be given a pulse oximeter to test blood oxygen levels. If your blood oxygen is 92% or above, you will be permitted to board the shuttle. If your blood oxygen level is below 92% or your temperature is 100.3°F (38°C) or above we will have our medical concierge meet you at the local hospital and we will assist you with your insurance company so that you are taken care of per the guidelines of your personal travelers insurance.
  • All guests must wear masks on the shuttle until your Rythmia intake, rapid antigen test & medical evaluation is completed upon arrival.


  • We Are A Limited Access Campus: Once you arrive at the resort, guests will not be allowed to leave the campus during the course of their stay. This is done in order to limit contact with people who have not been tested and monitored as Covid-19 free and so you can let down your guard when you step onto the grounds of Rythmia and know that you are protected and safe.
  • All guests will undergo a complete medical evaluation and rapid antigen test at check-in by our medical doctors and registered nurses.
  • Guest’s temperatures will be checked twice daily.
  • All Kitchen, Restaurant, Guest Services, Housekeeping and Maintenance staff will wear masks for your protection.
  • Masks are provided and will be optional for guests after your medical check in. Masks are optional after check-in because of the testing, monitoring and safety protocols outlined.
  • Increased sanitization schedules of all public areas including restrooms throughout the day and during ceremony.
  • Ceremony and Breathwork will be conducted in the traditional way with the following exceptions:
    • For the time being and until a determination has been made on Covid-19, Rappé will not be available during ceremonies.
    • Chandur or Agua de Florida will be available upon request and are optional.
    • Fresh glasses will be provided throughout the ceremony
    • Your shaman will explain this prior to your ceremony.
  • Hand Sanitizing Stations and Disinfectant Wipes are provided during all ceremonial activities, breathwork, yoga, meditation, metaphysical classes and at the gym.
  • Our Medical Doctors have established emergency protocols in the unlikely event of a retreatant exhibiting symptoms. If a guest exhibits symptoms they will be tested immediately. If positive, they are immediately removed to a safe house and given a PCR test. If the PCR test is negative, guests will be able to return to the resort. If the PCR testis positive, depending on symptoms, guests will stay at safe house and heal or follow Costa Rican Ministry of Health guidelines for more severe cases.

Although there is no guarantee of protection, we have gone 400% above and beyond international, National and Local protocols and are taking every action possible to ensure your health and well-being.


Rythmia Life Advancement Center is a full-service, short-stay, licensed medical center, specializing in plant-based alternative therapies.